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Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer Review cover

Arturia MicroBrute Analog Synthesizer Review

Is it time to go out and get a new synthesizer? The MiniBrute from Arturia has been a success and they didn’t hold back with a new option on the market. The “MicroBrute” is a smaller version and has been picking up steam in recent times. Let’s take a look at this in-depth review to see how it holds up to the rest.

100% Analogue Signal Path

Analogue technology has been evolving over the years and no one wants something that is not going to produce 100% quality. It is just not worth it. In this regard, you are going to get a complete 100% analogue signal path and that is reason alone to take this seriously.

It stands out over the rest because of this reality. The size might be deceiving, but you are going to be getting full value with regards to how it has been designed and the features it has to offer. This is key to note down for those who are thinking about making the purchase.

Excellent Connectivity Options

There are numerous connectivity options and that is important to note as you might want to use it with a proper setup in place. It has USB and MIDI ports included with the set. It is easy to use and the connection software they have given along with the synthesizer is excellent and does the job it is supposed to.

For those who want to be sure about what they are getting, this is a definite step in the right direction. It has the overall quality that is required in this day and age.

Quality Sequencer Section

The sequencer section is unique and does the job. It is a definite plus point and you are going to notice how well designed the synthesizer is because of how they paid attention to these intricacies. It demonstrates how they didn’t just cut corners to reduce size.

The power is still there and you are going to feel it with how it runs. It has 8 specific pattern slots that are going to give you a lot of room to play with. You can have a sequence of over 64 steps ready to go and work efficiently. This is hard to find on the open market and showcases what they have put together here.

Great Sound

It is the sound that is going to leave your jaw on the ground because of how crisp and beautiful it really is. You are not going to want to go with anything else after you get a proper look at this. It does not get better than this at this price point.

A stellar option and because they haven’t got the battery option in place, the sound has not been compromised at all as the size went down. It is able to get the job done and then some. The sound is going to make you never want to stop using this option and that is how it should be.

Smaller And Compact

It is not the ‘MiniBrute’, but it still has the power you are looking for. It is truly one of those options that is smaller and compact, but still able to bring a lot of quality to the forefront. You are going to love having this in place when it comes to the value it will bring into the fold.

Many people are stating the MicroBrute can easily put together quite the fight against its bigger sister and that is never a bad thing with such purchases.

Lacks Battery Power

If there is a con to look at with this product, it would come in the form of no battery option being available. If you are going to want more flexibility in this regard, you are not going to get any. There were going to be some cuts and this one made the most sense at the end of the day.

The lacking of battery power is always important to note and those who don’t realize this are the ones who miss out the most. If this is a major con for you then of course the MicroBrute is not a good solution. However, all of its pros definitely outshine this concern.

Concluding Opinion

This is a powerful solution for anyone serious about the purchase they are making. It is going to provide quality results right off the bat and will bring a smile to your face. Who doesn’t want this sort of quality?

It has a range of positives and is a ‘must buy’ for those who want a powerful synthesizer that is going to get to work as needed. This is a balanced, budget-friendly product that is going to be a music lover’s dream come true when adding it to their setup.

Definitely give it a shot.

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